Is Your Organisation At Risk Of A Cyber Attack?

Cyber attacks. You read about them all the time. They are usually portrayed as what they are; devastating attacks which cripple a company and take a lot of personal information from you. It is crucial that you know the facts about cyber attacks, and that you also ask yourself one very important question. Are you at risk of a cyber attack yourself?

The Worrying Truth About Cyber Attacks

The one thing that a lot of companies don’t know is that they are, in fact, at risk. With the ever-growing mass of cyber attacks hitting companies all over the world, a lot of people are at high risk of being the victims of cyber attacks.

However, the issue is not entirely with the attackers themselves. Sometimes, the companies are also at fault. The problem which a lot of companies do face is that their security system is outdated, obsolete and not any use. Cyber-related attacks are constantly evolving. They’re getting faster, smarter and harder to detect. They can get past security systems which are years old without any problems at all. This means that something that was secure five years ago isn’t so secure anymore. And that’s an issue which a lot of organisations don’t realise.

With the new data protection laws coming into place, there’s no better time to make sure that you’re up to date on your security. As the new standards enforce a new level of security anyway, it’s the best possible time to start upgrading your system. You need a team of people who can look it over. You need experts to look at your security, identify any elements which are older and outdated, and then suggest new and modern ways to replace them and improve them. You need to have an up to date and powerful security system in place to combat the issues which are offered by modern hackers.

Customer data is something which is incredibly precious and symbolises that the customers themselves trust you enough to give you personal information which can be very sensitive. If it would up in the hands of criminals, you’re going to put their financial security in danger, and you’re also going to lose trust very quickly. Now, as that is something which no one wants, upgrading your system is essential. Thankfully, Intraprotect can provide you with the kind of security that you need, and can look over your system to ensure that you’re up to scratch.

Overall, it is a very worrying idea to think that a lot of companies are at risk of cyber attacks. The companies that are safe are the ones that spend time and money working to ensure that their systems are continually being updated and improved. They know that in an ever developing technological age, there’s never time to get complacent and presume that you’re safe. You need to make sure that your system, like the processes and services you offer to customers, is always developing and always moving forward and keeping up with the times.


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