Security Concerns In 2018

With the New Year comes a new set of threats, and that is something which a lot of companies
will be aware of. Working in an online environment brings a unique set of security concerns, and
it’s hard to plan for them if you do not know what they are. We are going to be looking at some
of the most significant security concerns that you could face this year.

Personal Information Theft

With the new Data Protection laws coming into play very soon, it is predicted that this will be
one of the most significant security concerns for companies. Obviously, the new regulations are
designed to help people give personal information safely and without worry, but it does mean
that all of the companies which take personal info need to have their security system up to date
and ready to challenge the problems of a new year. The threat of hacks and attacks which steal
information will obviously be one of the major concerns for all companies this year, and it’s
therefore critical to have your system up to scratch before
anyone figures out there’s a weakness to exploit.

Business Email Attacks

One way in which people can get a lot of personal information very quickly is with infected
email. In the modern age, a virus inside an email is something which will be smarter, more
subtle and harder even to identify until it is too late. A lot of companies have software which
automatically scans emails for malicious content as they are both sent and received, but there’s
also a lot of businesses who do not choose to do this. Some viruses can get into an entire
system through the email, so it is well worth being aware of the potential damage it can cause.

Cross-site- scripting

Another potential security concern is something known as cross site-scripting or XSS. This is
where attackers target a weak point inside a website, and then use social engineering
techniques to drive traffic to the site to that infected page or place. Once they load that page in
their browser, the hackers can gain access to personal information or even change what the
visitors to the site see. This is something which has gotten easier and more comfortable to do in
recent years with developing technology and can be very dangerous for people who do not have
a competent security system.

Overall, these are just a few of the different kinds of security concerns which any company
could face in 2018. These are all very real issues which could potentially derail an organisation
and put customers at risk. However, there is no need to panic or worry, as Intaprotect can help.
Our team of highly skilled staff can help to identify all of the weak points within your security and
bring it up to speed so that it is entirely safe and protected from these kinds of security
concerns. It means that customers will be able to use your site with confidence and without fear
of losing their information or having it stolen.


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