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We're Leading Cyber Security Experts

Intaprotect are leading experts in the Cyber Security industry. We handle all things digital and work closely with organisations to ensure integrity and business continuity. Ranging from active monitoring to yearly auditing and risk management – we’re a leading organisation that takes care of our clients.

Qualified to International ISO standards we’re recognised by the IBITGQ and have a place on the GASQ register.

What we do

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) signifies a very important change in data privacy law. Even now, in full effect, companies still struggle to understand what it is that’s required of them.

We offer a range of services that will help you not only help you become compliant but our experts will ensure that your business is supported through all of your concerns.

Being able to offer you customers assurances that their data’s safety is of paramount importance is a huge competitive advantage. Let us help prepare you and your business.

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If you have a website or sell online then you need to appreciate the dangers and risks of doing so. Intaprotect are experts in ensuring that not only is you data safe but we ensure business continuity. Should the worst come to worst then we can get you back up and running in no time at all.

From malware detection, suspicious online and user behaviour and ensuring that standard attack points are covered we’ll make sure that your business is safe whilst you concentrate on making it a success.

We offer standard eCommerce security packages and you can learn more here.

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It’s simple stuff – but effective and usually forgotten about. We can support your business when it comes to anti-virus software and ensuring that your business hardware is clean and performing to the maximum.

For larger businesses this make take the form of endpoint point solutions and we’re more than capable of supporting such a project.

We also offer system monitoring for businesses that handle more sensitive subject matter. This means that should there be a problem we can quickly react and ensure that your business is safe, secure and continues to operate as normal.

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You may think that your website or network is performing as it should and is perfectly secure. At Intaprotect we offer penetration testing services that will test your systems and ensure that they’re secure. If necessary we can then remediate to ensure you’re system integrity remains intact.

We’re Registered Penetration Testers.

To learn more – why not contact us and have a chat with the team. We’d be happy to offer a free security review.

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If you take any sort of card payment then you need to ensure that your PCI/DSS compliant. If you become a victim of a security breach and you’re not compliant then the penalties can be huge.

At Intaprotect we offer consultation, implementation and remediation when it comes to ensuring that your business is industry compliant. Not only offering you – but your customers peace of mind.

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We offer routine monitoring services of your hardware and network. You may want to ensure that you’re notified immediately should there be an issue, perhaps you’re worried there is a possible breach or maybe you’d just like to ensure there’s always somebody covering your back.

Intaprotect can offer those services using state of the art continuity systems to ensure that any anticipated or emerging issue is identified and handled quickly.

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If you’re reliant on digital technology to ensure your business runs smoothly or perhaps even runs at all then Intaprotect’s Disaster Recovery packages are something you should consider.

We ensure that all your high value digital assets are monitored and sophisticatedly mirrored using state of the art encryption software. Bolstered by our leading recovery plans we can ensure that you’re back up and running exactly where you left off.

Why not get in touch to learn more? We’d be happy to talk you through how we can help.

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We simplify cyber security

Step 1 – Review

We conduct a full systems review to establish any weaknesses
within your network and create a bespoke plan to ensure the
fixes we implement enhance your business’ Cyber Security.

Step 2 – Plan

We create a plan of action to source the best protection solutions,
essential to support your business both now, and in the future…
without any hiccups along the way.

Step 3 – Protect

Our team implement the necessary fixes and routinely monitor your
systems, to ensure those that are active complete the work efficiently,
as expected and with minimal disruption.

We're both internationaly recognised & qualified

Intaprotect in numbers

happy clients
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