In a world of cyber-crime and deception, it is important to keep ones ears and eyes open. The sad truth is that the world is filled with individuals who are more than happy to lie and cheat. One way in which they might well do this is with phishing. To try and make sure that everyone is aware of this type of crime, and why it is such a problem, we’re going to look at it in more detail here.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of cyber-crime and is one of the most common types of cybernetic crime in the world. Phishing involves individuals who aren’t anyone of importance pretending to be people of high importance to deceive. They may present themselves as being representatives of your bank, or a company providing a special offer, and will send you text messages and phone calls to try and get personal information from you.

Am I Susceptible?

The worrying truth about phishing is that a lot of organisations are at risk of being tricked. The problem that is faced by companies everywhere is that the staff either do not know how to recognise the signs of a potentially dangerous email or text or that they’ve become complacent and don’t believe there’s any real risk. In either instance, you’ve got the potential for phishing attacks to become a very real problem within your workplace.

The problem is that staff are just not trained to be able to spot the false emails and separate them out from the real ones. These emails and texts may well be specially designed to appear as if they have come from trusted places, like a company that you work for or one of the local facilities in your area. Therefore a lot of people are caught out because they mistakenly believe that there’s something important contained within the file that requires their attention.

But How Do I Prevent This?

To try and bypass this problem, a lot of companies have an anti-virus which automatically searches incoming emails and text messages for viruses and then alerts you if you try and open them up. This is the kind of thing which will be very beneficial when paired with a good awareness of what phishing emails look like. Intaprotect specialises in providing a top-level security system, which will include helping to protect you from these kinds of issues, so it is well worth utilising our services.

Overall, Phishing is something which a lot of companies struggle with when it comes to both knowing the warning signs and also protecting yourself from them. As it is such a common form of cybercrime, you need to make sure that you’re properly protected to make sure that you, your customers and your company can all rest easy. You’ll know that your staff are trained to avoid being caught by phishing attacks and that your personal information will not be given away.

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