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Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus follows the same principles as our other security packages, with the added support of independent on-site testing. As with Cyber Essentials, we use the self-assessment questionnaire alongside an external vulnerability scan to test your systems and check for any weak spots. However, Cyber Essentials Plus takes this one step further, targeting your organisation’s internet facing infrastructure, workstations and servers, in order to ensure your current software meets all the necessary security standards.

Why do I need Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials Plus provides a more in-depth analysis of your internal networks, giving you a clearer understanding of your levels of risk, and a much greater insight into your company’s current security protocols. A Cyber Essentials Plus certification demonstrates to your clients and key stakeholders that you understand the importance of safeguarding your digital assets, which is crucial if you want to secure funding, win new business, and boost the reputation of your brand. This is particularly important if your business keeps a lot of sensitive data on file, you work in the public sector, or you operate in an industry with a higher than average rate of cyber-attacks. Our extensive on-site testing includes an internal vulnerability scan, an email virus delivery check, and a malicious code web download check. So, if there are any bugs hidden in your system, our expert testers will weed them out, and ensure your private data stays safe and secure.

Be Compliant

Protect yourself from most online threats

Demonstrate your commitment to cyber security

Get free cyber security insurance!

Achieve a level of cyber resilience.

Why use Intaprotect's Cyber Essentials Plus Services?

Working towards the Cyber Essentials scheme ensures that you're ahead of the game. Protecting you from 80% of cyber threats it's a huge step towards your organisation's cyber resilience.

Guaranteed Pass

Our expert team will make sure you're made complaint quickly without any shortcuts.

Money Back Guarantee

Although very unlikely if for whatever reason you don't pass - you'll get every penny back.

It's worked for others!

We've worked with a large number of customers all of whom have attained a basic level of compliance.

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Read more about Intaprotect and how we provide Cyber Security training and solutions. From PEN Testing and Cyber Essentials to GDPR and PCI DSS compliance - learn how we underpin everything upon our guiding principals and how we help our clients achieve cyber resilience.

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We're Qualified to the highest international standards.
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Our IP-FOUR Process

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We'll ensure that we understand your business and your requirements.

two. identify.

Using this understanding we'll identify how to help and how to move forward.

three. address.

Our specialists will get hard at work addressing you Cyber Security requirements.

four. monitor.

We'll constantly monitor our services and loop back periodically.

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