What is Social Engineering?

Even with the most sophisticated security systems in place, your business could still be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Social engineering is a process by which criminals attempt to bypass your security, preying on the goodwill and naivety of staff to gain access to your internal networks. By manipulating individuals into disclosing passwords and other confidential information, hackers are able to infiltrate your systems and harvest valuable data. A security breach such as this could have a devastating effect on your organisation, causing irreparable financial and reputational damage.


Our targeted Phishing campaigns simulate real-world hacking techniques to expose vulnerabilities in your security.


Hackers can bypass your security with a simple phone call. Our social engineering experts will provide the training your employees need to spot suspicious communications.


With our intelligent, innovative approach and our industry-leading experts, we can provide the knowledge and the tools you need to keep the hackers at bay.

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials Plus follows the same principles as our other security packages, with the added support of independent on-site testing. As with Cyber Essentials, we use the self-assessment questionnaire alongside an external vulnerability scan to test your systems and check for any weak spots. However, Cyber Essentials Plus takes this one step further, targeting your organisation’s internet facing infrastructure, workstations and servers, in order to ensure your current software meets all the necessary security standards.

Your greatest asset AND
Your greatest weakness.

People are hackable too. We'll teach them how to stay protected.

Cyber-attacks can start with a simple phone call or email

Cyber criminals may impersonate other members of staff

Communications can be compromised

Criminals often play on the friendly and helpful nature of your employees

Get smart - Don’t let cyber-attacks compromise your confidential data

Find your operational weaknesses.


We’ll train your staff to spot malicious communications


We’ll expose weaknesses in your infrastructure and stop attacks before they happen

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two. identify.

Using this understanding we'll identify how to help and how to move forward.

three. address.

Our specialists will get hard at work addressing you Cyber Security requirements.

four. monitor.

We'll constantly monitor our services and loop back periodically.

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